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Why Choose FAN

We work with many of the largest health plans in the country, and have proven success with Medicaid, Medicare, and Commercial lives. Since 1993, Foot and Ankle Network is the only podiatry network dedicated full time to servicing the needs of both the doctors and managed care organizations while helping our preferred care partners grow their network throughout the state of Florida.

FAN’s Dr. Edward N. Geller and Dr. Samuel M. Horowitz along with our provider relations department devote their entire energy to ensuring that insurance carriers maintain a seamless relationship with their podiatry network. By keeping provider offices happy and responding to their daily needs, Foot and Ankle has reduced overall provider relations department demands.


Other Reasons to Choose FAN

  • Our panel of board certified podiatrist reviews all claims by hand, one by one, for errors, miscoding, fragmentation, and bundling of services.

  • Fix your costs for podiatry services

  • Have access to a well established Podiatry Network with a clear understanding of the needs of managed care organizations.

  • Eliminate the need to process podiatry claims, an often confusing process.

  • Service your patient population more efficiently (calls can be referred to our complaint department).

  • Refer patients with specific needs in the area of podiatry to a source who understands the profession and the needs of the patient.

  • Refer Doctor inquires to join your organization to our offices.

  • Meet NCQA regulations for monitoring quality assurance and utilization review in our often misunderstood specialty.

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