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Podiatry Network FAQs

Our primary objective is to offer plans/products which add value to our network of providers by increasing their patient base but without increasing overhead.

Not if you meet certain requirements. You may contact us to confirm eligibility.

No. Joining allows you to participate from any Plan/Product you choose but does not automatically enroll you in any contract.

We have been in business since 1993.
Dr. Edward N. Geller (board certified in quality assurance, utilization review physicians) dedicates 100% of his time to the daily operations of Foot and Ankle Network. Dr. Geller stopped practicing clinical and surgical podiatry in 1996 to devote his entire time to the operation of this business.  He makes sure your needs and inquiries are responded to in a timely fashion, and acts as an intermediary between doctors and insurance carriers.

Dr. Sam M. Horowitz, FACFAS, developed Foot and Ankle Network in 1993. He continues to market the concepts established by himself and develop new contracts. He is currently a board-certified practicing podiatrist.

As of June, 1993 we are administering a podiatric network in the state of Florida for:

  • United Healthcare
  • Neighborhood Health Plan
  • Preferred Care Partners
  • Medica Healthcare

FAN provides the following services for the managed care organizations it contracts with:

  • Claims adjudication
  • Utilization studies
  • Quality assurance studies
  • Provider satisfaction studies
  • Financial reports.
  • Network Development
  • Provider relations

We pay on a fee-for-service basis, with every Plan/Product having their own fee schedules. These schedules range anywhere from 40%-80% Medicare allowable.

Yes. There is an appeals process in place. An appeals committee made up of your peers meets monthly to review appeals

When you join FAN you will be asked to sign a contract which allows you to reject any particular contract we obtain. You don’t have to participate if you don’t want to, and you can unenroll in any particular contract if you are unhappy by giving us (60) days written notice. There is nothing to lose! It costs nothing to join, and you can unenroll at any time.

The FAN agreements with the Payers includes the “Professional” services and not “Devices”. The Payers contract with DME “Durable Medical Equipment” networks for those services. FAN does not have any agreements with any DME Networks.

United Healthcare is an insurance company which owns other insurance companies such as Neighborhood, Medica, and PCP. United and Neighborhood specialize in managing Commercial populations while Medica and PCP specialize in Medicare populations. Each insurance company may offer difference benefit options to its members. these benefit options are known as Plans.  FAN has partnered with United to manage these various offerings.

The sign-up process begins with you filling out the following non-binding documents:

  • LOI (basic Letter of Intent)
  • Individual Physician Credentialing Application (Fill out one per Physician)
  • Individual Location Credentialing Application (Fill out one per Location)

After Credentialing, you have access to all the details of each Plan/Product (I.E Fee schedules, agreements, etc.) and you’ll be able to decide what Plans/Products work best for you.

No long and tedious credentialing applications are needed. We do it all in-house to get you set up as soon as possible. All we require from you is a brief credentialing application asking for some basic info and your CAQH number.

Regarding Prior Authorizations (PAs), Providers will only need these for surgeries performed outside their office such as in an Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) or Hospital. Any surgery performed in-office do not require PAs.

We are currently not managing AARP Medicare Complete; however, we are in discussions with them and are looking forward to working with them soon.

None of our current offerings require a referral.

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