//Why Join a Podiatry Provider Network – Top 3 Reasons

Why Join a Podiatry Provider Network – Top 3 Reasons

Why Join a Podiatry Provider Network - Top 3 Reasons

Many podiatry providers wonder “Why join a podiatry provider network?” Joining a health network helps build and improve the relationships between health plans (like HMOs, PPOs, or managed care organizations) and medical professionals. Ultimately this leads to happy health care plans, doctors, and patients.

The ultimate win/win/win.

The Foot and Ankle Network (FAN) is one of these health networks and specifically focuses on serving podiatrists in Florida. Since 1993, FAN has given those in podiatric practices the help they need to ensure they are providing quality foot and ankle care to Floridians.

But what’s the big why behind joining a health network? Do Florida’s podiatrists really need FAN? Let’s dive into those questions. Here are 3 of the top benefits podiatrists can experience if they join the FAN health network:

Reason 1: Make Onboarding/Credentialing Easy

Credentialing is essential. Since nearly all U.S. citizens now have health insurance, you have to make sure you are opening up your practice to the insurance companies serving your community.

FAN does all of this credentialing work so your staff doesn’t have to, which means you all can focus on what really matters: delivering phenomenal care to your patients.

This health network will fast track your credentialing process to make on-boarding simple. So you can start seeing patients from specific insurance plans sooner rather than later.

Reason 2: Benefit From Technology

FAN is on a mission to make technology work for you.

This means you will be getting increased auto-adjudication percentages, quicker payments, and more streamlined medical information.

Our provider-focused technology makes claims and appeals simple for medical professionals. Not only do you get to benefit from easy-to-use technology, but these systems also help you get paid more quickly – even in as little as seven days.

Reason 3: Up Your Patients, Lower Your Cost

FAN has spent decades dedicating its time to ensuring podiatric doctors increase their flow of patients and their share of the market. And here’s where you are really winning: this all happens while you’re saving money.

Since FAN’s services increase patient volume, you spend less on marketing.

Your office’s contact information will be listed on our sales material. Because you get to participate in our surveys and studies on patient satisfaction, you can be a part of showing the general public how important your specialty provider services really are. Once again, this can bring in more patients.

Keep in mind: there are no fees or costs for a medical office to join FAN. So when we say you are lowering your overhead, we mean it.

Join The Foot and Ankle Network Today

Why join a podiatry provider network? When podiatrists join a health network they reach more people, and they do it by spending less money. Let FAN help your podiatry practice today. You can feel confident about moving forward: Florida’s ASA Fiscal Intermediary Service Organizer licenses FAN.

If you are a provider who is interested in benefiting from a health network, joining FAN is simple. Click here to start your application process. It will be one of the best decisions you’ve made for your practice.

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